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Tall grass and plants grow

US Culture Associations: Climate Action Activities

    This page is a “one-stop-shop” of websites shared by U.S. Culture Associations which shares their climate change mitigation, adaptation and response, and resilience activities, goals, research, and events. Learn more about the climate collaboration initiative of US Culture Associations and the Public Agreement here. Associations may share their URL here. This list is updated on a monthly basis. *Indicates Association… Continue readingUS Culture Associations: Climate Action Activities

    US Culture Associations Agree to Climate Collaboration

      Professional associations have a duty to lead and reflect the successes of their distinct membership, and to set and support expectations for the overall field’s performance. Climate change mitigation, adaptation and response is now expected practice and charitable, educational, community-focused entities, the nation’s museums, zoos, gardens, aquariums, historic sites, and archives are taking climate action. To meet this new level… Continue readingUS Culture Associations Agree to Climate Collaboration

      America Is All In

        Our Work Sarah Sutton began #MuseumsforParis in 2017 on the day the U.S. announced an intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. In March of 2018, #MuseumsforParis was retired as the museums, aquariums, zoos and gardens joined We Are Still In as the Cultural Institutions Sector. In 2021, We Are Still In joined forces with America’s Pledge, World Resources Institute… Continue readingAmerica Is All In