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blue skies

America Is All In

    Our Work Sarah Sutton began #MuseumsforParis in 2017 on the day the U.S. announced an intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. In March of 2018, #MuseumsforParis was retired as the museums, aquariums, zoos and gardens joined We Are Still In as the Cultural Institutions Sector. In 2021, We Are Still In joined forces with America’s Pledge, World Resources Institute… Continue readingAmerica Is All In

    Carbon Inventory Project

      Sign Up to Participate Sign up here for the Carbon Inventory Project’s Carbon Day reporting. Your participation encourages others, and a growing list shows the sector’s growing commitment to understanding and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from energy use. Upcoming Events All events are times are in Eastern US Time Zone and the duration is one hour. Click here to… Continue readingCarbon Inventory Project