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Culture In Action at NYC Climate Week 2022

    ECP spent a week in New York City at NYC Climate Week 2022 meeting with colleagues and partners. The team kicked off with a Helen Frankenthaler Foundation (HFF) Frankenthaler Climate Initiative (FCI) event called “Catalyzing Climate Action at Visual Arts Museums” with RMI hosted by The Morgan Library & Museum. FCI grant recipients from the Judd Foundation, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art, The Met, Cloisters, and The Morgan shared their energy efficiency and clean energy generation projects allowed by the FCI grant. In its second year, HFF has awarded $8M to over 100 visual arts institutions. The third year will kick off in early 2023.

    ECP also spent time with the sustainability teams at The Met, Cloisters and The Museum of Modern Art to learn about their work on the ground related to climate and sustainability.

    At the current Wolfgang Tillmans exhibit at MoMA, the team created more environmentally sustainable brochures and provided a QR code for visitors to access a virtual brochure. Bins to reuse the brochures are also located around the gallery.
    The Met, Cloisters is tackling a wide range of initiatives including exploring geothermal. ECP met with the sustainability team which is taking great steps to assess and improve processes and behavior to be more sustainable.

    ECP met with the chair of the ICOM Disaster Resilient Museums Committee (DRMC), Diana Pardue to follow up on developing the Committee’s strategic plan which began during the triennial meeting in Prague. They also spent time with America Is All In Partners – some in-person for the first time, and some friends from before. The team was grateful to connect with colleagues from SecondNature, RMI, WWF, Climate Majors, and Mississippi River Cities & Towns. Click here for more information about ECP’s current work.