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Shapiro, S., (2017), We Are Still In: A look at how the cultural institutions sector has responded to the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. Museum, July/August. Sutton, S.W., Wylie, E., Economopoulos, B., O’Brien, C., Shapiro, S. and Xu, S. (2017), Museums and the Future of a Healthy World: “Just, Verdant and Peaceful”. Curator, 60:… Continue readingResearch & Training

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STiCH: Sustainability Tools in Cultural Heritage

Background The cultural sector is beginning to accelerate its movement toward more sustainable and climate-friendly approaches. STiCH is part of that movement. It is a multi-year effort by the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation with the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities to help the cultural heritage profession make informed choices about its impacts. We… Continue readingResearch & Training

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