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November 2023: ECP featured by Blooloop

Blooloop’s Sustainability Coordinator and Business Development Executive, Ruth Read interviewed ECP staff about our past and present work and vision for the future of the cultural sector’s environmental leadership. The article was published November 30, 2023. Read the full article here.

CEO Sarah Sutton named to Blooloop’s 2023 Museum Influencer Power 10 List

Blooloop’s 50 Museum Influencer List and Power 10 highlighted 50 key individuals whose innovation and creativity have been integral to developing today’s museums including Sarah Sutton here. Sutton was also recognized on the 2022 Power 10 List.

September 5, 2023 Culture Over Carbon Research Study Report Release

The Culture Over Carbon research study created the U.S. cultural sector’s first in-depth energy use analysis and the first estimate of the sector’s energy impacts on climate. Cultural institutions can use its data to support strategic planning, and implement structural, mechanical, and behavioral changes. In the near term, its information will help individual institutions reduce operating costs to improve their financial condition, pursue capital funds for energy-related projects, and prepare for expected changes in energy availability and regulations. Collectively these actions by the cultural sector will benefit the climate system for the long-term health and safety of living beings, communities, and cultures. Learn More >

Helen Frankenthaler on Ocean Drive West, Shippan Point, Stamford, Connecticut, September 1975. Courtesy Helen Frankenthaler Foundation Archives, New York. Photograph by Edward Youkilis.

Frankenthaler Climate Initiative Program Extension and 2023 Grantees

The Helen Frankenthaler Foundation’s Frankenthaler Climate Initiative (FCI) is the largest private national grant-making program to support climate action at cultural institutions and the only nation-wide program of its kind for the visual arts. On August 9, 2023 the Foundation announced it will increase funding for FCI from $10 million to $15 million through 2025. In 2023 FCI awarded $2.7M in grants to 48 organizations. View coverage by BlooloopThe Architect’s Newspaper, and The Art Newspaper.  

U.S. Culture Associations Agree to Climate Collaboration

ECP is pursuing a collective agreement for climate collaboration of U.S. culture associations. Our goal is collective impact, so we are creating a mutual starting point from which the collective can begin designing that impact. For those new to this work, this alignment of nationwide effort is the first step in building greater confidence and resolve among leadership and membership to take action. For those ready to do more, this is where we build cooperative research, implementation, and funding approaches to scale change faster.

The strength and creativity of the sector are the individual actions already underway; the power of the sector is aligning those efforts through institutional intentions. Learn more here.

ECP in The Chronicle of Philanthropy 

ECP is in the August 2023 publication “Nonprofits Confront Their Own Climate Perils” by The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Learn about some of the current challenges, projects, AND funding opportunities for cultural organizations in a changing climate.

Público’s “Climate crisis is ‘an existential threat’ to art and heritage”

In this article, climate journalist Andréia Azevedo Soares covers the Held in Trust and Climate Resilience Resources for Cultural Heritage program and features ECP’s Managing Director Stephanie Shapiro. An English version of the article can found on page 5. Read the full publication here.

Net-zero Picasso: Museums rethink art shows to cut climate impact

The Thomas Reuters Foundation’s Joanna Gill explores how museums are increasingly considering their climate impacts. Learn more here.

Time Magazine’s “Climate Change Is Destroying American History”

Written by John Garrison Marks, Director of the Public History Research Lab at AASLH, this article covers the impact of climate change to American History sites and features ECP’s CEO Sarah Sutton and Managing Director Stephanie Shapiro. Learn more here.

CNBC Rising Risks

CNBC Climate Correspondent Diana Olick covered how museums and the art work are addressing the climate crisis as part of the outlet’s Rising Risks series in February 2022. ECP CEO Sarah Sutton is featured highlighting the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation’s Frankenthaler Climate Initiative. View the Rising Risks segment here.