For the last 12 years, Sarah Sutton provided strategic planning and policy support to the Environmental Sustainability Manager and COO of the Detroit Zoological Society, and to the board’s Green Print Committee. The Zoo has received the following awards as a result of the CEO’s work.

  • 2020 WAZA Sustainability Award
  • 2015 AZA Top Honors in Sustainability alongside Vancouver Aquarium  
  • 2014 AZA Green Significant Achievement Award

Our Role

ECP continues to support the Zoo in a consulting capacity.

Next Steps

The zoo has eliminated single use water bottles, expanded its metering, shifted to all-electric golf carts for staff circulation, built an anaerobic biodigester to manage hoofstock waste, and installed a solar flower charging and educational station, among many other practices. Strategic planning for the landscape, buildings, and systems includes energy and water efficiency, carbon capture and habitat expansion.