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Caretakers of Wonder

    The changing climate is putting children’s physical and mental health at risk. There are resources available to help older children cope, but there is little available to help younger children and their caregivers. That is why the Caretakers of Wonder project was created.

    The project is producing a developmental framework for museum professionals to communicate with and provide programs to support children 8 and under, and the adults who love them, in building compassion, climate knowledge, agency, and hope for a bright climate future. The project team includes nine children’s museums and science centers in four bioregions across the U.S., along with experts in climate education, communication, early childhood psychology, climate action and emissions reduction. As part of the project, participating museum partners are also developing plans to decrease emissions at their organizations.

    Caretakers of Wonder is a two-year project (2022-2024) funded by an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) National Leadership Grant. The Madison Children’s Museum is the fiscal sponsor and director of the project. Environment & Culture Partners is providing general program management support and oversight, while working with the museum partners to develop plans to decrease emissions in their museums.

    Check back soon for an update about this program!