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The global cultural sector has a significant role to play in responding to the climate crisis, but many are often overwhelmed with information and ambiguity, and see no clear path forward. Environment & Culture Partners (ECP) provides that path forward. Our mission is to strengthen environmental leadership in the cultural sector by providing clarity of work and connection of resources to deliver impact at scale. We empower museums, zoos, gardens, aquariums and historic sites with the knowledge and skills needed to influence change, the partnership needed to do the work, and the voice to advocate for culture in every climate conversation.

  • We focus on collective action. With over 35,000 cultural institutions in the United States and over 100,000 worldwide, our potential for impact is greater.
  • While there is great work underway at individual cultural institutions, the speed of change needed to effectively address the climate challenge requires a systemic, sector-wide approach.
  • By linking resources, aligning efforts, and facilitating collaboration, ECP focuses on cooperative action to scale this critical work.
  • We bring people together, using our vibrant cultural institutions as gathering places for people to learn, share and connect.

We can inspire people across the world to become climate educators and advocates, empowering them with the reason, research and resources to take small and large actions in their communities.

Show support. Commit to action. Commit to a vision of the global cultural sector leading evidence-based climate action for a healthy and resilient future. Sign up for our newsletter and send us an email at to get started.

Our work


U.S. Cultural Associations Agree to Climate Collaboration

ECP is pursuing a collective agreement for climate collaboration of U.S. culture associations. Our goal is collective impact, so we are creating a mutual starting point from which the collective can begin designing that impact. The strength and creativity of the sector are the individual actions already underway; the power of the sector is aligning those efforts through institutional intentions. Learn more.

Culture Over Carbon: Understanding Museums’ Energy Use

The Culture Over Carbon research study created the cultural sector’s first in-depth energy use analysis and the first estimate of the sector’s energy impacts on climate. Cultural institutions can use its data to support strategic planning, and implement structural, mechanical, and behavioral changes. Collectively these actions by the cultural sector will benefit the climate system for the long-term health and safety of living beings, communities, and cultures. Learn more.

Frankenthaler Climate Initiative

The Frankenthaler Climate Initiative is an energy and climate granting program launched by Helen Frankenthaler Foundation in partnership with RMI and ECP. It is the first program of its kind in the U.S. for the visual arts and is the largest private national grant-making program to address climate change through cultural institutions. Learn more.